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At Contend Personal Training we are dedicated to helping our community stay healthy! Our services include the following:

  • Personal Training
  • Weight and Cardio Training
  • Core and Whole Body Conditioning
  • Private and Group Youth Martial Arts
  • CrossFit and Cross Training
  • Self Defense Instruction
  • Boxing Coaching

At Contend Personal Training, we offer a completely free fitness assessment and session with certified personal trainer if you mention our website. We have multiple packages available to fit every possible budget and schedule, give us a call today and start reaching your fitness goals.


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At Contend Personal Training we are available when you need us. Whether it is early in the morning, late at night or even on the weekends, our Trainers can accommodate your busy life and schedule. Call and set up your Free fitness assessment today.


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Mrs. Benard,
Age 74, Hagerstown MD

"I have been a fitness professional for over 50 years and I have never met someone more dedicated and accommodating than Damon with Contend Personal Training. He not only customized my workout and training sessions but he makes every session so much fun."

Age 44, Chambersburg, PA

 "I have been training with Damon from Contend Personal Training for about 11 months, so far I have lost 65 pounds and have dropped 3 whole pants sizes. I am literally in the best shape of my life."

Mother of 14 Year old Client, Hagerstown, MD

" My son has been training with Contend Personal Training for only 2 months but already has dropped 15 pounds and 1 pants size. His trainer has been amazing and is so encouraging, he is only 14 so I was worried at first, but Contend Personal training makes it fun and effective."

Mrs. Smith,
Williamsport, MD

 "My husband and I attended one of Contends Group Classes, although we have participated in local boot camps and other whole body workout programs, nothing and I mean nothing has worked us like Damon's Group Fight Fit Class it is the real deal."

Mr. Markus,
Hagerstown, MD

 "Our children have participated in a Youth Martial Arts program offered by Contend Personal Training for the last 6 months. The instructor is so caring for the kids, they not only have a great time but they are growing in character and integrity. It is nice to have someone helping us to instruct our children to be kind, compassionate and disciplined. We also have noticed our kids growing in confidence and focus. I cant believe how much this has helped them."

Ms. Rose,
Greencastle, PA

 "Damon with Contends Personal Training led a "Mother / Daughter" self defense clinic at our church over this past summer. Not only did we learn a lot, but the whole group really enjoyed our time together. I would recommend anyone with middle school or high school girls at home consider having Damon hold one of these at your church or school."

Age 26, Baltimore, MD

" As a semi-pro fighter I have always strives to improve my speed, endurance and power, In only one session with Damon he was able to adjust some things in my stance and guard placement that has seriously improved my striking game. Damon is full of wisdom and insights and has an incredible natural ability to evaluate and tweak any fighters striking and defensive skills. He is a true natural fighter and his instincts are unmatched in this region."

Age 34, Frederick, MD

" I have been training with Contend for about 12 months. Not only am I down 35 pounds, but I am also fitting into clothes I have not wore since High School. This is the only thing I have ever done that has proven to actually work. Even after have 3 kids I am toned, thin and stronger than ever, Thank You Damon and Contend Personal Training."


Youth Martial Arts

ONLY $35.00 A Month


-More Confidence
-Make New Friends   

-More Discipline
-Better Life Skills  
-Safe and Professional    


This class is specifically geared towards youth ages (8-16) and will include a progressively comprehensive training program with the purpose of developing character, discipline and confidence through mixed martial arts. The class will help the participant develop proper striking, blocking and personal protective techniques utilizing forms and movements from various styles including Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Shotokan, boxing and other various close range combat styles.  


Introduction to Martial Art Basics /
Jishu Dao Academy Orientation will be held

Each Saturday afternoon
in January from 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm

Little Warriors (ages 4-7) class is also
available each Saturday.

After Completion of Orientation participants
will be invited to join regular Youth Classes held

Each Wednesday evening at 7:45pm-9:00pm
and Saturday afternoon 11:45am -1:00pm.

All classes are held at Hagerstown Sports Club & Fitness at 20321 The Gardens Hagerstown Md. 21742
(Near Meritus Medical Center)  
Please contact Damon Albert at 240-734-0923 to register.